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For Contributors

Although most articles and teaching strategies in the OAH Magazine of History are solicited, the editorial staff considers unsolicited contributions for publication. For criteria and information on submitting your article to the Magazine, please see the appropriate topic below.

Editorial Calendar

View a list of upcoming topics. Categories for columns in each issue include: “Letters to the Editor” Dialogue—A forum for historians to discuss issues related to teaching history “Bringing History Alive–A column in which experienced teachers share their successes” On Teaching—A discussion and analysis of various teaching strategies and activities.

Author’s Guide

Selection of articles will be made on the basis of interest and usefulness for our audience, as well as appropriateness of style. We welcome articles that are broadly related to the theme of an issue. Authors are encouraged to query the editor about specific deadlines and topics before submitting any materials. Submissions should not exceed ten double-spaced pages. Longer articles may be condensed by the editor.

Guidelines for Teaching Resources

Teaching Strategies in the OAH Magazine of History should follow the Magazine’s style guide and conform to a standard format in order to assist teachers in finding the information they need and to make the lessons clear and easy to use.

Style Guide

The OAH Magazine of History uses the Fifteenth Edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003). This Style Sheet is intended to point out the basic key components of manuscript preparation. Therefore, The Chicago Manual should be consulted when any questions arise regarding general manuscript preparation, punctuation, capitalization, spelling and distinctive treatment of words, names and terms, numbers, references, notes, and bibliographies.